Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well I was hoping that despite all my comon sense, biblical sense, and desire for large crowds to love me, that maybe somehow Harold Camping was on to something and my years of study at Dallas Seminary had actually failed me and I had missed something important. I want Jesus to come back. From a personal and selfish standpoint, the sooner the better. Because I actually believe that the Bible==without the need for any funky numerology==teaches pretty plainly that Jesus will come back. Actually. At least that's what Paul, Peter, John and a bunch of other first century guys wrote. And two thousand years of Christians have bought their testimony. So I was kinda hoping. Or maybe Harold miscalulated just a bit and ...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Concerning men and women.
This is a constant and evolving discussion surrounding what are appropriate and what are inappropriate functions for men or women in Christian circles. Traditionally, they are better defined but since, say, 1970, they are more clouded--some would say, "more open." But does openness result in confusion or contradiction? And ultimately, how does God expect us to balance things? If everyone can do anything, that invites confusion--where there are no boundaries whatsoever too, we violate a plain understanding of Scripture. But over-restrictiveness also seems to violate something. So, I am still and ever thinking this one through. One thing is clear: some people are crazy.