Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ministry should be this way:
We study the Bible, discuss it graciously, held in awe at the concept of the Word of God--therefore we are always respectful of each other's talk about it.
We pray with and for each other a great deal. Those times focus on prayer, and little else.
We make friends among each other, but never allow a clique or closed feeling to develop. We forgive each other when we are offended or disappointed. We never abandon each other.
We always, always look for opportunities to talk about Jesus with people a) don't appear to know Him yet, b) are willing and open to talking about Him. We also give blessings to people freely, in the hope of winning a few more chances to talk about Jesus.

That's pretty much it. The rest of the time we shut up.

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Sandy said...

Yes, I agree with this. Somehow ministry gets cluttered up with so many other things... I guess we might call it "the mechanics" of ministry. Have recently enjoyed spending time with fellow believers, some older saints, some fellow pastors, and hearing some great preaching (along with eating bbq afterwards). Also long walks with my wife and listening to the night sounds on our front porch. That's good stuff.