Sunday, August 16, 2009

I think theological issues--true ones--come up fairly infrequently these days on the local church scene. At least, they do not come up so often around the church where I am part. Theology of baptism, the Lord's Table, salvation, sanctification, polity are pretty set in place. Conflagrations about election, glossalalia, what millenialism?, head-coverings or clergy-Or-not, just do not occur these days. I wonder what theological matters await us in the future? The next generation knows very little theology, I fear.


Scribe of Light said...

How do we fix this issue? I agree that the next generation, my generation, knowsvery little hteology. However, how can a group, like CF at UMass, begin learning theology without it being a bogging down ofo ur ministry. How do we incorporate theology into a ministry focused on evangelism and discipleship? We have a functional knowledge but no mopre. What would you suggest we do?

Broken on the Rock said...

Excellent! I suggest the reading of a basic survey of doctrine. This is supported by a good sense of epistomolgy, but reading a good doctrinal review--in general terms--is a good beginning. Perhaps, "Truths That Transform" by the late D.James Kennedy would be a good start.