Friday, September 11, 2009

It occurs to me, while watching the September 11th film tonight, that there are, in this life, many bad ways to die. But there are a very few good ways to die. Therefore, when we see someone die a good way--we can give much thanks for them and for their families. It is a convaluted way to give thanks, but a thing in which there is much grace...the older lady who died sitting in her favorite chair with her Bible in her lap, in her living room before church...the fellow who simply slips into the arms of the Lord in his sleep...perhaps there are a few others. Thanks be to the Lord when a person dies in grace and mercy. It is rare.


Sandy said...

I remember Ron Blue one year was considering not going to Guatemala for his summer mission b/c there was an increase in guerrilla activity & shootings. But he decided to go anyway, saying, "When it's my time to go be with the Lord I'd rather it be by a sniper's bullet that being hit by a Dallas City bus."

Sandy said...

Time to post something again. Your followers await.