Thursday, December 24, 2009

Many fantasies surround Christmas. And how we love them. Not because they compete with the Mystery of the Incarnation, but because they suggest it! The fantasies of Christmas bespeak God's goodness, His power, His omnipresence, His humor, His other-worldness, His Company of Servants, His creativity, His community and warmth and His Uniqueness! I love Christmas, I admit it. Always have. Not all do of course, but I do. Tonight, it is late on Christmas Eve. I sit in the living room, watching the Christmas tree, the electric candles still lit in the windows. All have gone to bed, exhausted--I wait up a while. I pray, and talk to God about it all, giving thanks every third sentence. He is good. And I love anything which reminds me of that truth.

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Sandy said...

So it's time to blog something new. Christmas posts are so last-month.