Monday, March 08, 2010

Concerning evangelism,
The bad news is, people don't think its cool to proselytize. The good news coolness isn't everything.The bad news is, evangelism is considered a dirty word in polite circles. The good news is, we didn't invent it.The bad news is, statistics don't seem to bear out that we're winning people to Christ faster than we are losing them. The good news is that we're not ultimately in control of who becomes a Christian anyway.The bad news is, pluralism seems to have relativised the Gospel. The good news is the real Gospel never changes and never loses its power.The bad news is, Christians seem bored or disinterested in sharing the news about Christ. The good news is, the Lord of the harvest will just find other Christians to spread the news. The bad news is, Christians mess it up too often and even distort the Gospel or worse, even do evangelism to make money. The good news is, so what else is new? The bad news is, Satan is alive and well on planet earth. The good news is, greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.The bad news is, we might get in trouble for sharing Christ. The good news is, God loves it when we share Christ.


Bob said...

Sometimes I think the problem is in the messenger, more than in the recipient. I heard once that evangelism is one starving beggar telling another starving beggar where he found some bread. Too often, we forget our own brokenness in sharing the good news, or try to conceal it so the person we're talking to will be impressed that we "have it all together". We've forgotten the humility of the One who subjected himself to humiliation, not with a defiant bravado, but with meek humility.

Sandy said...

Good post. Thanks. Especially in light of this article I read this morning: