Thursday, June 02, 2011

If you went your whole life and no one ever heard of anything good that you did, no one ever sent you a card, announced your name in public for recognition, you never had your name engraved anywhere, no one ever thanked you for blessing them in some way, no one said to you, "You did that well," no one ever e-mailed you or FB messaged you and told you that you were valued, no one ever even really knew your name or remembered you years after you died; if your entire experience on earth was characterized just by being with people, being among them, spending your whole time just trying to live and do well, and bless people wherever and whenever you could, and the only rewards were the smiles of the blessed, the sighs of those you relieved of a burden, the quick "thanks" on the spot when you helped out, and the joy of knowing you invested a little time and effort well--how would you be with that?

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Scribe of Light said...

I want to be like that! Am I like that? Not usually (probably on 3% of the time). Isn't this exactly how Christ lived, though? And He deserved (and deserves) gratitude more than any of us! Hmm...thanks for making me think more about this!