Sunday, December 25, 2011

The first Christmas I remember would be 1956 when I had just turned 4. Coming downstairs to a magically overnight construction of a train table and Lionel train layout almost blew my four-year old mind. I also remember from that Christmas singing around the community Christmas tree and being given a small box of hard, Christmas candy. 55 Christmases later, I still love the day. I love how all the joy people feel depends ultimately on the quiet assumption of the "reason for the season." Christmas would just be another silly, fantasy-laiden, escapist holiday were it not for the birth of Jesus at the root of it. I don't know how early it was for me when I first heard about Jesus--but it certainly wasn't long after 1956. I am waiting now for this babe in the manger, then crucified, dead and buried, then risen, then ascended, for over 50 years. There were maybe 5 years in there when I wasn't paying attention--otherwise Christmas always reminds me of the "good news of great joy for all the people." It is what drives my life. I hope nothing will ever distract my affections until I see His face. Merry Christmas 2011 to you who see this!

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